San Jose is preparing for the green economy

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Are green jobs good jobs? Several reports state that the emerging Clean Energy trends are not only growing currently in the US but also in global markets. Several countries, such as China, Brazil, the European Union, India, Japan, and other nations, are aggressively pursuing clean-tech job creation.

In the US, funding, investing in human capital, and implementing supportive policies in the clean-technology sector are a high priority and it is one of the largest recipients of capital investment.

In addition to current trends, the research firm

Clean Edge

and the online compensation data company


also looked at the projected growth in green markets and highlighted five major trends that will reshape the clean-tech jobs landscape:

  • Solar
  • Biofuels and biomaterilas
  • Conservation and efficiency
  • Smart grid
  • Wind power

The above reports found that a significant number of clean-tech jobs offer competitive wages and throw light on the controversy that green jobs do not pay well in comparison to parallel traditional occupations. PayScale found that many entry level green jobs were very reasonably paid, such as solar-energy system installers, solar fabrication technicians, wind-turbine-blade manufacturing , energy-storage jobs, more.

Good Jobs are Green Jobs. A national initiative by the name of GOOD JOBS GREEN JOBS brings together union, faith, environmental, business and elected leaders, to share ideas and efforts in building a new, green economy.

On October 21, 2009, in San Jose, CA, labor, faith and government leaders kicked off a joined campaign to work together, and become a role model, in creating an inclusive green economy in the city. While the campaign aims to address the creation of good quality jobs, it also focuses on low-income and disadvantaged workers.

The event was co-sponsored by the City of San Jose Environmental Services Department, the Interfaith Council on Race, Religion and Economic Justice, the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley, and Step Up Silicon Valley/Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County.

Participants clearly gave the message that all involved in the green economy transformation must look at the moral component and strive to create a more environmentally just society, where everyone can make a better life for themselves and their families. The panel urged policy makers, government and business leaders to constantly reform the green economy without loosing the moral responsibility.

Participants agreed that the clean tech industries offer the best job opportunities to all skill and education levels. The panel also expressed the need to train people in non-marginal or small niche functions (where career paths can come to a standstill). Effective training programs need to build job-resilience and enable workers growth and flexibility.

San Jose intends to create 25,000 jobs over the next 15 years.

For San Jose’s initiatives, training programs and employment-related services – see CAREER POINTERS.


1. Pipe Trades Training Center offers classes in LEED certification, Solar Water Heating Systems, Energy Efficiency at home, Renewables in Home Retrofits, and more.

2. Workforce Institute is a division of the San Jose Evergreen Community College District. Workforce Institute provides customized education, professional development, and skills upgrade training for business in Silicon Valley. It offers Training and education programs for local business and industry (called Corp Training); Professional Development-Leading edge skills upgrade for individuals; Core and intensive Workforce Investment Act services including case management, job development, and employability skills workshops

Workforce Institute will launch the ‘Greater South Bay Green Jobs Corps Program’ with classes in Water Treatment, Energy Efficiency, Green Construction and Green Waste.

3. San Jose City College - check courses

4. Work2Future assists businesses and individuals in meeting the workforce demands and opportunities of a global economy. Work2Future works with businesses, residents, government, educational and community-based organizations to maximize local and regional employment opportunities.

Work2Future has three ONE-STOP Centers, which offer a Comprehensive Resource for Job Seekers and Employers in San Jose and Southern Santa Clara County. One-Stop provides pre-paid employment and training services to job seekers and employers alike. It assists workers and job seekers access the tools they need to manage their careers through high quality information and services, as well as help employers find skilled workers..

5. City of San Jose Redevelopment Agency (SJRA) is a public, government organization created in 1956 by the City of San Jose to improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and play in the City by creating jobs, developing affordable housing, strengthening neighborhoods, and building public facilities.
Governed by the San Jose City Council who serves as the Redevelopment Agency Board, the Redevelopment Agency partners with business and the community to revitalize the economy in San Jose.

6. California Building Trades Council - For trades in building and construction and industry information, check their website.

San Jose is preparing for the green economy