Labor market information (LMI) offers job seekers, businesses and the community insight into specific industries, occupations and area employers.  Labor market research activities typically involve collecting, analyzing, reporting and publishing data regarding labor supply and demand. This process has been described as “workforce intelligence”.  Workforce intelligence enables knowledge-based decision-making, fostering a better-prepared workforce that is more in line with the needs of local businesses.  

The work2future workforce intelligence team gathers many types of valuable information and tools to build traditional LMI into workforce intelligence:

  • Demographic information – age, gender, race, income, and educational attainment – for the labor force by region
  • Labor supply information (historical, current, projected):
  • Alternative sources
  • Quality indicators
  • Curriculum offered at local educational institutions
  • Projected completion, graduation, and drop-out rates
  • Assessments of student performance and teacher quality

The work2future workforce intelligence team compiles up-to-date information about local, state and federal legislation, rules, regulations, policies, labor market and issues that might affect our local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and its programs.  In addition the team:

  • Researches local business and labor force needs by individual and group contact, attends meetings, conducts surveys and reports monthly to Board committees
  • Recommends policy modifications on local industry clusters and occupations based on up-to-date information
  • Provides local economic and workforce data to assist staff in the development of workforce education and training needs for our clients.

Data includes updates on employment levels, wages, occupational projections and population trends as well as a local analysis on industry clusters, emerging industries, labor force, economy, and population trends. The distribution of occupational data satisfies the needs of two sets of customers:

  • Employers seeking qualified employees
  • Workers and job seekers pursuing career opportunities leading to economic security
For More Information:

Visit the Research Studies & Reports page on this website to access information online, or visit your local One-Stop Center for additional assistance. 

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