The work2future Geomapper / Econovue is a powerful, robust, web-based interactive system utilized for workforce development and planning.  The site features detailed, interactive exportable and printable economic and demographic profiles of any selected census geography or city-defined boundary. It also features multi-criteria searching.  The system dynamically maps data pulled from the following "Time Series" databases:

  • "National Establishment Time Series Database" from 1990 through the present
  • The Association of Bay Area Governments "Jobs and Housing projections"
  • Census Databases
The work2future GeoMapper helps workforce development organizations and economic development agencies develop targeted strategies for sustainable development by providing a tool that accesses and processes information from a variety of sources, and displaying the data via a spatial and visual medium. 

GeoMapper differentiates itself by being the only workforce-based GIS system available.  The system supports decision-making and promotes better organizational integration and knowledge management for the workforce and economic professional through competitive pricing and the development of unique query reports, making it a very affordable tool to add to the workforce community.

The GeoMapper / Econovue is one of many tools that work2future and the City of San Jose has developed to assist economic and workforce professionals and agencies an opportunity to work smarter.

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For further assistance, contact Javier Vanga, Program Manager, at (408) 794-1150.

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