The work2future One-Stop Career Center offers numerous programs and services to enrolled job seekers.  Talent Coaches will help you to navigate through the available services to develop a plan that is just right for you.  Here are some of the programs and services offered:

Talent Marketing Area Services
Workshops and Special Programs  


  • Career Exploration and Planning / One-on-One Coaching
  • Cohort Training - retraining with a group of individuals
  • Community Resource / Referral Information
  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Ed2Go- Online Learning
  • Individual Employment Plans
  • Internet Access to access job-related services - Talent Marketing Area
  • Internships – After Occupation Skills Training Internships may be available
  • Job Fairs and Specialized Recruitments
  • Job Listings - Talent Marketing Area
  • Labor Market Information
  • Metrix Learning- Online Learning
  • Occupational Skills Training
  • San Jose City College for Credit Classes
  • State Disability Insurance Program – Inquire at front desk for forms
  • Supportive Services - Must be participating in WIA / work2future activities
  • Telephone access to call employers – Talent Marketing Area
  • Veterans Employment Services
  • Workshops on-site
  • Workshops for college credit - San Jose City College Courses

Talent Marketing Area Services:

Visit your local work2future One-Stop Center to find a supportive environment for your self-directed job search.  Designed to make it easier for you to learn and apply your new job searching techniques, work2future One-Stop Centers serve as an ideal home-base for your search needs. Assistance is available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese (depending on the location). After enrollment, the Centers offer access to the following at no cost to participants:
  • Computers with Internet Access
  • CalJobs Resumes
  • Job Listings
  • Resource Library
  • Copier
  • Fax Machines (Local and Long Distance)
  • Telephones

Computer for job search - The staff will assign you a computer based on availability. Time limitations are given  (Job search activities only!)

Job Posting Board - The Job Board is updated weekly and posts jobs obtained from Internet websites for different industry clusters, such as: Healthcare, Hospitality, Bioscience, Software Technology, Retail and Finance.

Fax machine(s) - There is a  machines located in the center for your convenience. Long distance faxes are allowed (U.S. only).  To use the fax machine appropriately please dial 9 (or not necessary depending on the fax machine – ask staff) and then the fax number. If the fax is out of the area: dial 9, 1, the area code, and the fax number. Papers should be placed face up. (or down depending on the fax machine).

Direct Jobs or work2future Hot Jobs - The direct jobs are obtained from direct referrals from companies or employment agencies. They are not posted on the Internet. You can find them at a roto-rack. Just take a copy.

Copier - If you need copies of your resume, cover letter or job search related material, ask the center staff at the counter will assist you in making your copies. 

CalJobs - CalJOBSSM is EDD’s no-fee Internet job search system, available through any personal computer with access to the Internet. CalJOBS provides a connection between job seekers and employers. Job seekers can enter their skills and experience into a résumé database to match with job openings listed in CalJOBS by employers.   The career center can assist you in posting EDD for CalJobs use only. If available an EDD representative or work2future staff will guide you through the process of inputting your resume, or searching for jobs on the website. (Registering and Inputting your resume in CalJOBS is required for clients receiving EDD’s Unemployment Benefits)

To contact EDD’s Unemployment Insurance Department - There are EDD phones that directly connect you to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) office at the North San Jose Job Center. No need to dial, just pick up the phone and an UI representative will assist you.

Resource Library - If you would like to use one of our books or videos from the library for reference, please ask staff to check it out for you. After providing a picture ID for the check out process, you can use the books or videos IN the Resource Library only.

Workshops and Special Programs:  

The work2future Job Training Centers offer a series of workshops for your professional growth, development, and job search activities.  A Career Advisor will be happy to help you register for a class.

For a limited time work2future is offering to the general public no-cost online courses usually restricted to enrolled clients.  The Free Introductory Courses Flyer provides details on how to get instant access.

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